Petoskey Stone Handcrafted Stone Beads
Fine Hand Made In Northern Michigan Petoskey Stone Beads & More
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Our Petoskey Stone Beads
 StuderStones presents one of Michigan's natural treasures in beautiful Petoskey stone beads. Hand made from a myriad of unique Northern Michigan Petoskey stones our beads come in a multiple of unique shapes made from the highest quality hand-picked stones. Our beads display the most stunning, distinctive eye's, (honeycomb patterns), all hand cut with sterling silver inserts and polished to really set our Petoskey stone beads ahead of all others.    Click Here to Buy On-Line

 Beads made to fit PandoraTM, ChamilliaTM and TrollTM brand bracelets

Petosket Stone braclet beads Petoskey Stone braclet beads, square

round beads w/ sterling insert

barrel beads w/ sterling insert

square beads w/ sterling insert

     StuderStones also uses many different stone materials to produce very unique items.
Kona Dolomite Leland Blue

Lapis Lazuli

Kona Dolomite

Leland Blue

With Studerstones Hand Made stone beads
you can beautifully accent any necklace or bracelet with a wonderful natural work of art. Please keep in mind that our Michigan stone beads also fit complimentary to most fashionable brands such as PandoraTM, ChamilliaTM, and TrollTM bracelet bands.     Click Here to Buy On-Line

Favosite Coral beads Kona Dolomite beads Kona Dolomite 

Favosite Coral beads

Kona Dolomite w/ sterling insert

Kona Dolomite round beads


Hand made Petoskey Stone beads
Each Petoskey Stone Bead
is unique as a fingerprint!

Michigan's # 1 Source for hand made petoskey beads for bracelets, Petskoey stone For sale-Michigan Petoskey stones for sale. Where to find petoskey stones for sale. Discounted petoskey beads for sale.

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